What we do

SERI — Sustainable Electronics Recycling International — is a new non-profit organization with a global mission:


SERI’s mission: promoting safe and sustainable electronics reuse and recycling worldwide.


As part of its mission of advancing safe and sustainable electronics recycling, SERI will serve as the new home of the R2 Standard – the “Responsible Recycling (“R2”) Standard for Electronics Recyclers.” 

In 2014, SERI is launching a series of additional activities to help raise the environmental bar for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industries in both developed and, especially, developing nations.  From education and outreach to on-the-ground pilot projects, SERI is undertaking an ambitious set of programs designed to play a key role in transforming this industry for the better. 

The R2 Standard

SERI’s core focus is administering and continually improving the R2 Standard, the premier global environmental, worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industry.  Over 500 facilities currently are R2 certified in 17 countries, a promising start toward the much-needed standardization of this global industry. 

Education & Outreach

A core component of SERI's mission is education and outreach on the importance of electronics reuse and recycling. SERI continuously works to inform consumers, businesses and other stakeholder groups about the rapid rise of electronic waste, the potential environmental and human health impacts associated with irresponsible e-waste disposal, and the importance of reuse and recycling.

SERI’s education and outreach activities include trainings, partnerships with other organizations to promote awareness and collection events, workshops throughout the world, newsletters and publications, documentary films, and other projects.

International Projects

SERI engages in projects to promote safe and sustainable electronics recycling throughout the world.  Typically, SERI partners with corporations, other nonprofits, or government agencies on these projects.  

In 2014, SERI has initiated projects in Africa, India, Latin America and other parts of the world.

Policy Forums

SERI is committed to playing a supporting role (convening and facilitating) in the development of consistent and consensus-driven policies and programs concerning safe and sustainable reuse and recycling of electronics. SERI works to foster a dialogue on the responsible handling of used electronics, as well as comprehensive guidelines for the storage, transport, handling and processing of the materials and components that make up electronics.

By bringing together leaders from technology manufacturers, global corporations, retailers, NGOs, government agencies, and even consumers, SERI creates the understanding, partnerships and tools to create safe, sensible, and sustainable electronics recycling—around the world.